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International meeting of the European Credit Initiative and other Initiatives

The social and ecological situation of our world in the 21st century requires a reorientation of our world. If we want to prevent the looming crises, we are challenged to fundamentally transform our lives as a whole society and as individuals.

For this challenge, we also need a new way of doing economy. What are the approaches, the new paths in the field of economy and money? We want to come together to discuss and look at this.

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The starting point for our conference project is the wish of friends and fellow campaigners of the European Credit Initiative from different countries to come together in order to deepen, with enough time, the perspective of an „Economy for Future“.

We plan to organise the four days in the form of colloquia and a lot of discussion. What are the causes of our crises in the field of economy and money and what are the concrete perspectives for a way out. In addition, there will also be space for encounters and free activities. The exact content will be decided by the participants and their inputs.

The topics include profit-independent financing of enterprises oriented to the common good, the perspectives of an associative economy or approaches to new forms of ownership, as well as the demand for a basic income in the question of the separation of work and income. All of this is seen in the perspective of the great ecological challenges that will dominate our century and which we cannot easily master in the existing conditions. A new way of economics is one of the building blocks for a way out of the crises.

The conference will start on Sunday 29 August with dinner and end on Wednesday 1 September with lunch. The programme will be developed in consultation with the input providers and will be published here as soon as possible.

The conference languages are English and German.

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The conference is also part of the ››› 50th anniversary programme of the International Cultural Centre Achberg.

Founded as a „Laboratory for the New Society“, the INKA is still active today with ideas and initiatives for the further development of our societal society.

Achberg was the intellectual home of some of the reformers of the Prague Spring, who had to leave Czechoslovakia in 1968 after their attempt at a „Third Way“ beyond capitalism and communism was suppressed by the Soviet Union. The cultural centre was a place of work for Joseph Beuys. Here, the artist picked up important impulses for a new understanding of economy and money and for the development of his „expanded concept of art“. The „Achberger Kreis“ was one of the forces in the process of founding the Green Party, and it was here that the idea of direct democracy through „three-stage popular legislation“ was developed and put into circulation in the first projects. With the business association „Aktion Dritter Weg“, a practical field was opened up for a contemporary way of doing economy. A recurring focus – right up to the present day – is the process of European integration.

The European Credit Initiative as host of our conference is also a project of the International Cultural Centre Achberg, jointly organised with IG-EuroVision in Vienna.



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